What we Feed our Poodles

Over the years we have tried many foods and settled on those that we thought were best for our puppies and dogs.  Then came along the great pet food recall. This recall was very large and affected many brands of food causing a lot of breeders to re-evaluate what we were feeding our dogs and puppies.  Luckily Classical Poodles along with other breeders were unaffected by the recall. Even though we were unaffected, I still did some research on exactly what caused the recall then looked for manufactures who were unaffected by the recall.

We have always and still do used multiple foods during the puppies development because we noticed that they get tired of eating the same food everyday. We even feed our dogs two or three different foods so they do not get bored with their food.  This is practical for us but not so practical for clients with a dog or two. So if you can only feed one food then we recommend.


Iams Mini chunks pro-active