About Pearl

I was born and raised in rural southwest Pennsylvania. I opened my own grooming shop in 1971.  I have always known I had an affinity for all animals since early childhood.  I love all animals including horses, cats and most of all dogs.  Being a self-taught groomer has been very rewarding and allowed me to branch out in other directions.  Early on in my grooming career, I found that I loved the poodle breed.  I ultimately chose the miniature poodle to show and own as pets as they are not too large but also not too small.  I ended up being a handler (which means that I am the one who takes the dog into the show ring) for my own dogs as well as those of many other people.

  I have had many memorable moments with my poodles.   I have had the opportunity to be featured on television with my wonderful poodles a number of times.  I think the most cherished moment was when I was contacted by ANIMAL PLANET from California and asked to give an interview about my dogs and myself that turned out to be a wonderful piece.  Another great moment was when I was voted "Woman of the Year" by the prestigious All-breed Club of Berks County. Another very exciting time was when I was mentioned in the National Register of Who's Who in Business Executives and Professionals. I also have been fortunate to show a dog that I owned at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in Madison Square Garden.   I took my mother with me, it was a memorable weekend for her.

Probably the most important thing that has happened to me is being fortunate enough to purchase the Danish import CH Brei –Ca Love is all  from Mr. Jes Breinholt Carlsen, whom I am thankful to for this wonderful opportunity and his continuing friendship.  Many wonderful opportunities in the poodle world have arisen for me since I made the acquaintance of Mr. Carlsen.

 I also am a member of the William Penn Poodle Club which is the only club that still has a Poodle Futurity.  I have achieved the highest honor by having a "Grand Champion in Futurity" and the icing on the cake was also getting the "Best of Breed" Stud Dog at the same time. 

I am truly blessed with the love from friends, mentors, and fellow breeders. I cherish their support and owe the success of Poodles by Pearl to them.

 Contact Pearl about poodles by clicking on this link poodlesbypearl@aol.com 
or contact her by calling   1 717 336-6628

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